Top 10 Most Successful Clubs


There are a lot factors that can contribute to the success of a soccer club, such as the amount of trophies they have, the star players they have, the competition they’re up against, the amount of wins, losses, and draws they have, and lots more. In this list I based the success of these clubs on the amount of trophies they have won.

10. Arsenal FC – 43 trophies


Arsenal was founded December 1st of the year 1886, they are a top team in the English Premier League and constantly play in high quality tournaments. Arsenal have won 43 trophies, including league titles, league cups, and other tournaments around the world.


9. AC Milan – 51 trophies

AC Milan

AC Milan have not had much success lately, however at one time not too long ago, their team was full of star players who won them lots of trophies. AC Milan play in the Italian League and have played in lots of other tournaments. AC Milan have won 51 trophies since their foundation on December 16th, 1899.


8. Liverpool FC – 58 trophies


Liverpool FC was founded on March 15th, 1892 and have had a lot of success in the English Premier League and in lots of tournaments across Europe. Since their foundation, Liverpool have won, in total, 58 trophies in their league and in tournaments.


7. Juventus – 61 trophies


Juventus is arguably the biggest club in the Italian league, they constantly win the league, the league cup, and are almost always in the best tournaments across the world. Juventus have won 61 trophies since their foundation on November 1st, 1897.



6. Manchester United FC – 65 trophies

man u.jpg

Manchester United have fallen off of success the last few years, however, not too long ago Manchester United were one of the best teams in the world; Manchester United have the most English league titles in history and have won lots of other league cups and trophies. Since their foundation on March 5th, 1878, Manchester United have won 65 trophies.


5. FC Bayern Munich – 66 trophies


Fc Bayern Munich is the largest and most successful club in the German League, they are constantly the league winners and have won many league cups and high quality tournaments. Bayern Munich was founded on February 27th, 1900 and have always had star players that have led them to 66 trophies in their club history.

4. Ajax FC – 67 trophies


Ajax FC is a club in the Dutch league that was very successful a while back, lately they are seen as a small club that produces a lot of young and talented players. Ajax was founded on March 18th, 1900 and have won 67 trophies including league titles, league cups, and high quality tournaments.


3. FC Porto – 70 trophies


FC Porto is arguably the biggest club in the Portuguese League and that shows in the amount of trophies they have won since their foundation on September 28th, 1893. Now they are seen as a small club compared to clubs in other countries, but years ago they were very successful in big tournaments around the world and against big clubs in other countries. In total, Porto has won 70 trophies, combining league titles, league cups, and lots of other tournaments.

2. Real Madrid FC – 81 trophies

real madrid

Real Madrid is one of the top two largest clubs in the Spanish League and are always in contention for the league title, the league cups, and the most prestigious tournaments to play in. Since their foundation on March 6th, 1902, Real Madrid have won 81 trophies and are on the right track to win lots more.



1. FC Barcelona – 96 trophies


FC Barcelona was founded on November 29th, 1899, and are always one of the top 2 teams in the Spanish League. Barcelona are always part of the largest tournaments around the world and are always in the running for the Spanish cups. Barcelona have won 96 trophies so far and have some of the best players in the world to win them even more trophies.


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