Top 10 Current Teams Around the World

There are a lot of ways to judge who the best teams in the world are currently; in this list I am going to judge teams on the competitions they are in and how they are doing in those competitions, I will also judge the teams based on the star players they have. Each team is most likely in three main competitions of the year: their countries league, their countries league cup, and a European cup.

10. Manchester City

man city

Manchester City is a club based in England and they are top contenders for the English league and the league cup almost every season. This season Manchester City is part of the English league, the FA Cup, which is the English league cup, and the Champions League – the best European cup to be in. This year, Manchester City made it into the final sixteen of the Champions League and barely lost; Manchester City is currently fourth place in the English league, and in the semi finals of the FA Cup. Out of the three competitions they are in, Manchester City is on the way to winning just one of them; this is not their most successful season but they are still one of the top teams in the world.

9. Atletico Madrid

atletico madrid

Atletico Madrid is a club from Spain with many talented players. In the Spanish league the two main teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid, however, Atletico Madrid is constantly the best team in the league to challenge the two top teams. Currently Atletico Madrid is third in La Liga, the Spanish league; in the Copa Del Rey, the Spanish league cup, Atletico Madrid made it to the semi finals and was knocked out by Barcelona. Atletico Madrid is, however still in the Champions League in the quarter finals. This is not Atletico Madrid’s most successful year, but they can still win The Champions League and maybe even the Spanish League.

8. Tottenham Hotspur


Tottenham Hotspur, more commonly known as Tottenham or Spurs, are a team in the English Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Europa league, which is the next best European tournament after the Champions League. This season Tottenham went out early in the Europa League, they made it past the group stage of the tournament and got knocked out in the round of thirty-two. However, they are having a lot of success in England, Spurs are currently second place in the league and in the semi finals of the league cup; Tottenham are definitely on their way to a successful season if they can keep winning games.

7. Paris Saint-Germain


Paris Saint Germain, more commonly known as PSG, is one of the few very successful clubs in Ligue 1, the French league. This year PSG are in Ligue 1, the Champions League, and the French League Cup; PSG are currently second in Ligue 1, knocked out of the round of sixteen in the Champions League, and winners of the French League Cup. Although they won the league cup, PSG’s main goal is to win the league.

6. Chelsea FC


Chelsea is a club from England with a team full of stars. Chelsea is usually always successful but last season was one of their worst ever; this season Chelsea has bounced back fantastically. Chelsea are only involved in the FA Cup and the English Premier League this year, however, they are doing the best they could possibly be doing. Currently Chelsea are first in the Premier League and in the semi finals of the FA Cup, if they can win one of these competitions they can count this season as a success.

5. Real Madrid FC

real madrid

Real Madrid is one of the best teams in the Spanish league and one of the best teams in the world; Real Madrid has a team full of star players and arguably the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. This season Real Madrid participated in La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and the Champions League. Real Madrid are currently first in La Liga, in the Champions League quarter finals, and got knocked out of the Copa Del Rey in the quarter finals.

4. AS Monaco


AS Monaco, more commonly known as just Monaco, is one of the few teams in France who can challenge teams from other countries. Monaco do not have too many star players, but they work well together and have lots of young talent. Monaco are involved in Ligue 1, the Champions League, and the French League Cup; Monaco lost in the finals of the French League Cup, are currently first in Ligue 1, and are in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

3. FC Barcelona


FC Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world and one of the best teams in Spain; Barcelona are in the Copa Del Rey, the Champions League, and La Liga. In the Spanish league, La Liga, Barcelona are currently in second place; in the Spanish league cup, Copa Del Rey, Barcelona are in the finals, in the Champions League they are in the quarter finals. Barcelona is another team full of world class players including arguably the best player in the world, Lionel Messi.

2. Juventus


Juventus is the best team in Italy and one of the top teams in the world, they have lots of star players and some great young talent. This year they are in the Italian league, Serie A, the Italian league cup, Coppa Italia, and a European cup, the Champions League. Juventus is currently in the quarter finals of the Champions League, in the semi finals of the Coppa Italia, and first in Serie A.


1. FC Bayern Munich


Fc Bayern Munich are constantly one of the best teams in the world and almost always win the German league, Bundesliga, and the German league cup, DFB Cup. This year Bayern Munich are in the Champions League, the Bundesliga, and the DFB Cup; they are currently first in the Bundesliga by ten points, in the semi finals of the DFB Cup, and in the quarter finals of the Champions League. Bayern Munich’s squad is full of outstanding star players and talented youngsters, Bayern Munich have pretty much won the Bundesliga so they will be focusing on having success in the European cup and the league cup, while maintaining the lead in the league.


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